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How our wine
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Free Taster Box

Receive a taster box to discover your favourites.


Enjoy our wines for six weeks after opening.

What makes our
boxed wine so good?

Co-Founder and Master of Wine, Justin, sources small parcels of high quality and sustainably-made wine directly from independent producers.

The box is way better for the environment, lasts longer once opened, and means the wine costs less.
Our Expertise

Meet our
master of wine

One of the industry's most successful and respected wine buyers and experts, Justin now makes his own critically acclaimed wines, consults and is a Co-Founder at BIB Wine where he heads up all things 'winey'.

Red, White or Rose...
it's all green

10x Lower Carbon Footprint

than traditional bottles

100% Recyclable

Through our pioneering recycling scheme with recyclers Enval.

One Tree Planted for Every Box Sold

through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

The Cellar

Tasting Notes

Being part of the BIB Wine Club, members can enjoy online tastings and experiences each month. You’ll receive priority invitations to any of our exclusive events and tastings. View a short taster of one of our recent wines.

Membership Benefits

Our club membership is all about finding unique wines from wonderful vineyards from across the globe. They’re not the type of wines you’ll find in supermarkets, it’s what gives them their charm.

Expert Selection

Led by our Master of Wine, we source directly from small and sustainable winemakers. Our selection evolves from season to season and year to year, so there'll always be new and exciting wines to explore Because of the artisan approach, our selection varies season to season, and we’ll automatically provide an alternative if a wine in your subscription runs out.

Money-back Guarantee

If you don't enjoy one of our wines we will always replace the wine with another, or refund the full price.

Priority Access To Wines

Fast-selling and limited wines are available to members for pre-orders before they go on general sale, and we hold back stock for existing subscriptions wherever possible.

Free Delivery

Free delivery on all orders over £80 (before discounts are applied). Or £4.99 for all other orders.

Cancel Or Skip Anytime

We aren’t looking to tie anyone down, so you can skip a delivery, delay your next order, or cancel your subscription at any time.


10% off all of our wines. Both for those you subscribe to and on additional one-off purchases (we'll give you a code).

Completely Flexible

You can change the order dates or add, swap and remove items from your subscription any time.

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Your Questions Answered

Can I choose the wines and will they always be the same?

You choose the wines for your first order, but you can swap, remove or add to between orders. We'll email 7 days before all future orders so that you can change things up should you want to.

How does the Free Taster Box work?

When you join the Club, we'll send you a code to order a Taster Box worth £30 for free (and with no shipping charges). Initial orders over £50 only.

What if I want to taste the wine first?

For those who want to do a tasting first, you can also buy a Taster Box from the Shop area of the site, and then claim the full £30 cost back off your first Club order (we'll send you a discount code). Initial Club orders over £30 only.

Is your packaging 100% recyclable?

In a word, YES. Our boxes and other packaging can go in the normal recycling and for the first time in the UK, the bags and taps (and taster pouches and caps) are recyclable through our closed loop recycling scheme. Simply add a freepost (and free of charge) Recycling Bag to your next order and when you have 7-10 saved up send them off. They'll be turned into feedstock oils which can be used to create brand new packaging in an endlessly repeatable process.

What happens when a wine becomes out of stock?

We choose wines from small independent producers, so some are very limited in volume. We're always hunting out new and exciting wines, so when one wine comes to an end, we'll replace it on your subscription with something we've chosen especially for you and we'll ALWAYS let you know (you can swap or remove any of the wines in your subscription at any time).

What about if I go away?

No problem - you can skip or delay your next order until you are back. You can do it online, or send us an email/give us a call and we'll take care of it for you.

Can I get Free Delivery?

Club members' shipping is free for orders over £80, or £4.99 for other orders. These are flat rates for the whole of the UK.

Do I have to be in when you deliver?

Nope - parcels can be left with neighbours or in a safe place. You can add instructions in the cart when you sign up, and you can use our courier's app to manage the delivery later (such as choosing a local pick-up point, alternative delivery day or leaving instructions for a safe place).