A Greener Solution

The BIB Wine Company - Sheep in Vineyard from Laurent Delauney - supplier of Les Grands Arbres

Making great wine easier to enjoy, cutting down waste, saving money and making wine better for the environment - for The BIB Wine Company team it’s all about taking something good and making it better.
The BIB -  A Greener Solution
Wine at its best brings people together and becomes a focal point and catalyst for community. To do so whilst carelessly damaging our environment makes no sense to us at all. Our BIBs do their bit to help, and in today’s climate we think it’s crazy not to be part of a solution.
So why BIBs?
  • 10x lower carbon footprint
  • 100 % recyclable through new freepost return scheme (see below)
  • Reduces waste by volume
  • Reduces wasted wine...
If wine is to play its part in preventing further global warming it must stop using glass bottles for most wine. BIBs are currently the best solution - 10 times more carbon friendly than glass bottles and lower CO2eq than any other current format. And recycling glass doesn't necessarily help! BIBs are 10x lower in CO2eq than a bottle made from 83% recycled glass (the figure would be even higher for those brand new glass bottles out there). So whilst better to recycle your glass than not, it would be better to ditch it. Did you know that a huge amount of glass that enters into our recycling network is never even recycled?
Our BIBs also cut down on other harmful transport emissions and pollution as they are transported flat-packed prior to filling and are efficiently stacked thereafter.
75% of our packaging is paper/cardboard. The material for our boxes comes from FSC certified suppliers - this means recycled stock and sustainable forestry. It’s all recyclable too.
What about the bags? Well, it’s very much a case that not all plastic is bad for the planet. By cutting down massively on waste, global warming and harmful pollution, and supporting sustainable forestry, these bags enable our packaging to be positive contributors to the environment compared to glass or PET bottles. The material that makes this all happen is a high oxygen barrier EVOH multilayer plastic.
We’ve joined forces with specialist recycler Enval to create a new recycling stream for our taster pouches, and BIB bags and taps. Enval have created a technique that uses pyrolysis to break these down into base feedstock products that can be used to make brand new pouches, bags and taps (or any other plastic goods). This negates the requirement to use fossil fuel based feedstocks and creates a closed loop. Because they are base feedstocks they can be used with food and drink products and unlike previous recycling techniques this process can be repeated indefinitely. It's a huge leap forward and a world first, and should become part of our nation's kerbside collection strategy. But in the meantime, we're sending freepost returns envelopes out with our taster boxes, and from January 2021 will have a free (and freepost) returns mailer bag available in our shop. You will simply be able to add one to your next order once you have enough bags and taps to return ( there's no minimum, but we'ask you to wait until you have 5 or more to maximise efficiency). This will ensure 100% of your BIB is recycled.
The bags remain recyclable through major supermarkets recycling schemes and some local council collections.
We fully support the current drive to cut down on waste and littering. The importance of keeping Britain and our shores free from the plight of waste, whether plastic or otherwise cannot be ignored. Please recycle and dispose of our BIBs responsibly.
We’re proud that our company is part of a movement to make wine part of the solution not the problem. Better for your lifestyle, your wallet and your environment.