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    • Freepost mailer bag
    • Fits 10 bags & taps (or more)
    • Is recycled with the bags and taps
    • Lightweight and carbon friendly
    • Ships with 2.25L boxes only
It's much greener if you save up a few bags before sending them off for recycling! When added to Club subscriptions these will be added to the next order only.

Part of a Greener Solution:

  • BIB Wines have a 10x lower carbon footprint than bottles
  • They are efficient to transport and cut down polluting emissions
  • Boxes are recycled and easily recyclable
  • We also plant a tree for every box sold through our partnership with Eden Reforestation
  • And now the whole package can be fully recycled!

Recycling Bag

Recycling Bag
Regular price FREE
Takes 10 Bags + Taps
With 2.25L boxes only

Recycle your BIB Bags and Taps
Save up your BIB bags and taps and add a Recycling Bag to your cart when you order your wine - the more you can fit in the better for the environment - they will take at least 10, perhaps even a couple more! Then pop them in the post so that our specialist recycling partners, Enval, can work their magic.

The Process
Enval uses a process called pyrolysis to break the plastic into feedstock oils which can then be used to make new plastic products, effectively closing the loop. It's a carbon efficient process and also saves on the need for fossil fuels. Find out more about Enval here.

We're super excited to be part of this revolutionary scheme, which we believe will change the outlook of recycling. Ultimately, we hope that this technology becomes widely available through kerbside collections, but in the meantime, you can rest assured that you will be drinking delicious wine completely guilt free!