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Why it's time to embrace boxed wine

Once the height of naffness, now it's tickling the tastebuds of even the most discerning drinkers

We were super chuffed to read Helena Nicklin's recent article extolling the benefits of boxed wine...

"Boxed wine is flying off the shelves... Housed inside that once unforgivably tacky cardboard is no longer cheap and nasty plonk — although there’s still some of that around, of course. Now it’s all manner of decent wines from around the world, including premium regions such as Sancerre and Burgundy."

"...So what’s changed? For a start, technology. Recent advances have transformed the packaging used for boxed wine, ensuring that the contents can be kept fresher for far longer."

..."Economics and the environment have played their part, too. Life under lockdown saw consumers change their buying habits, switching to bulk purchases and more sustainable options. On this front, cardboard wins hands down; the energy used to produce glass bottles is immense compared with that needed to produce cardboard, which can usually also be recycled."

And then there's the cost of living crisis... "Even before the latest crunch, shoppers had begun to cotton on to the fact that, because of economies of scale, if you choose wine in larger boxes it is invariably cheaper than buying the equivalent amount in individual bottles."

So which of our wines did Helena recommend?

Aromatic Winner - TR Wines Dry Furmint

"This is a Hungarian white, made from one of the grapes that makes the popular sweet wine Tokaji. This wine is dry, though, with hints of honey suckle and pear. It’s aromatic and just that bit different. I would serve it as an aperitif or with a hard cheese. It sits at the higher end of the price range, but is worth every penny. 5/5" Buy here

Perfect for a BBQ - Domaine Jean-Marc Astruc Fitou

"A higher-end French blend from the Languedoc region, this richly concentrated, flavoursome, brambly red wine is Southern France in a glass and worth splashing out on. It’s an excellent partner to grilled meat and vegetables thanks to its fresh herbal notes and hint of smokiness. Serve it with a barbecue or even a lamb roast. 4.5/5" Buy here

Read the full article here.

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