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The BIB Wine Story

The people behind the BIBs!


Our story began over Christmas dinner in Paris in 2016. We were eating slow roasted lamb with lots of garlic, rosemary and a tomato/fennel salad. Alongside it, a delicious northern Rhône Syrah from a box bought in France.

The seed was sown. We all felt that there were significant benefits of boxed wine that drinkers in the UK were missing out on. Searching for decent boxed wines in the UK proved fruitless, and so the idea of The BIB Wine Co was born.

We decided to stop talking about the lack of good wine available by the box and instead do something about it.

The siblings

Let’s rewind a little bit… The story actually began much earlier, as we’re four siblings.

Younger brother Ollie is basically in charge. Ex Royal Navy, he used to navigate submarines and spent some time in Afghanistan… Long periods without wine gave him plenty of opportunity to think long and hard about his future.

Tom spent years in the film world, ensuring all the small details made the bigger picture. He looks after all of our operations, finance and other general stuff. Basically the cogs of the machine - making everything happen.

Big sister Beka is an Interior Designer by day… think five star hotels, townhouses and spas. With an eagle eye for beautiful design, she conceived of the BIB Wine brand, which has evolved over five years into the sophisticated inky blue boxes with stunning gold foil logo on sale today.

And then there’s Alexander, who’s a bit of a digital wizard. He’s a film editor by day, and is a firm believer that the internet definitely happened (and that we should probably be on it).

We all knew something about wine, but also knew that we needed some serious expertise to launch the business. Enter our other founding partner, Justin (Howard-Sneyd, Master of Wine and ex Head of Wine at Waitrose and Direct Wines). He’s a passionate spokesperson for regenerative viticulture and alternative packaging. He’s a bit of a wine ninja, we think he was probably dropped into a vat of wine when he was a baby and learned to swim quickly.

Our growing and experienced team now includes Fleur, our amazing buyer who has an impressive palate and a knack for finding sensational new wines. And last but definitely not least, the brilliant Tiffany, who looks after all of our comms and marketing and seems to be able to translate all of the random stuff we say into what we actually mean.

So there you have it, we’re a small but jolly team consuming a high amount of coffee per capita. With fifteen children between us and busy family life we embrace working flexible hours and from home where necessary.

Most importantly, we’re focused on building a sustainable business that makes wine part of the solution, building a better world for the next generation.

Find out more about what we do here.

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