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Wine Industry Runs Out of Things to Say...


... in the warm afterglow of the Royal Wedding, the wine industry has realised that it has blown all of it's advice for the summer on a single weekend.
An anonymous industry insider said 'it seems like everyone is writing about the Royal Wedding in their newsletters even though it's over and there's nothing left to say. Talk about milking it'.

Still, here at The BIB Wine Company, we've held a lot of our best recommendations and interesting banter back, and will be the only place to go for relevant wine related news until the summer is over. Thank goodness for us.


BIB Wine goes to the London Wine Fair

Great to be at the London Wine Fair this week. Head of Wine, Justin Howard-Sneyd MW, shared a platform with some other forward-thinking types at the ‘Innovation Through New Formats’ session. They discussed practical and sustainable alternatives to the 75cl glass bottle. Our main takeaway was that Bag-in-Box is clearly the best!

Where to buy the best wine

Forget everything we said above about the wine industry running out of things to say. Nice to be featured in GQ's article: London Wine Week 2018 - Where to buy the best wine.

FEATURE - Why buy Bag-in-Box (BIB)?

Firstly, if you want to lay down some Château Lafite for 20 years, we'd advise giving the bottle some thought. Otherwise, we're firmly of the opinion that the Bag-in-Box format is the best option.

The latest technology allows us to serve up really excellent wines by the BIB and have them tasting exactly as they should. The wines will keep for up to 6 weeks once open. So you can have a glass one week, go on holiday, and then come back and find it tasting just as good. Or you can have two or three wines open at the same time to suit different occasions or tastes. Basically - you can drink the wines however you like, whenever you like.

In addition, the environmental benefits are huge. The amount of energy required to create a new glass bottle is massive and it still requires 75% of the same energy to make a recycled bottle. The carbon footprint is up to 6 times lower than the bottle. It's also more efficient to transport - a recent study showed that converting from glass bottles to BIBs in the US would be equivalent to retiring 400,000 cars from the road.

They're easier for you to transport, easier to store and the wine works out much better value (on our range you'll see savings of between £1 and £4 per bottle equivalent, and more if you are a Club member).

The real question is - why would you buy bottled wine?
Uncertain which wines to choose for your festive gatherings? The wine industry's most prestigious critics have spoken...
Our favourite kind of low-effort, maximum satisfaction meal for when proper cooking feels like a bit too much. Credit: Ed Mifflin.
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Avoid the horrors of a pre-mixed mulled wine. Here are two methods from our Head of Wine Justin Howard-Sneyd that will guarantee you a decent drop.