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The Royal Wedding - everything you need to know...


...actually, we don't really know anything. We don't even know who's going. Although apparently neither do they... But we know what we'll be drinking - what about you?

We're big fans of English sparkling. Great value. Brilliantly fresh. And all very patriotic. We particularly love HART OF GOLD made by our Head of Wine, Justin Howard-Sneyd MW (see here)

Annoyingly though, there aren't always enough of the nice ones to go around and prices are on the up. So what else? Rather than looking for a Champagne alternative - we think there's amazing value and character in the new wave of independent grower producers in Champagne. Tough to know where to start - but we've chosen some of our favourites:

COLIN - available from French Bubbles here

R&L LEGRAS - available from BBR here or Lea & Sandeman here

Say it with Champers here.




Improvements and New Releases

Subscriptions - Never get caught short again - now is the time to take your reserved space with The BIB Wine Club. Hassle free, flexible and even better value. You'll keep receiving your favs even when they're no longer available on our shop page.
Money Back Guarantee - We're pretty sure that you won't need this, but if you don't like a wine - just send it back and we'll refund or exchange for another wine of similar value.
Tastings - out and about in Bristol, Bath and Bradford on Avon



Box shot of the week

#timesupontitpics - This week's box pic was taken by our very own Head of Digital Stuff. We'll be publishing the best Reader's Wines photos weekly.




How do we select our wines?

A question we’re often asked - especially when we’re out and about with the wines.
Our starting point is to find wines that we can honestly say we love to drink ourselves. After just a couple of weeks of business, we can happily report that the founders of BIB Wine have been pretty busy buying up our own stock. This isn’t a weird financial scam - we just like the wines.

To get to this point though, we have developed an ethos that helps us to find the most delicious wines.

Firstly - it’s about taste and not about labels or status. This means we can be led by the nose to the best wines. Secondly, wine is about land, vines, and people. Respect for the land and growing environment goes a long way to creating wines of character and quality. We don’t believe in being constrained by a single set of rules, but it’s no coincidence that most of our wines come from organic or biodynamic growers. Small scale, low intervention, sustainable - these are not buzzwords for us, but crucial elements of our ethos. In talented hands, wines made this way are often very delicious.
Jérémie Huchet's Domaine de la Chauvinière in the Loire



Jérémie Huchet 'Les Quinze Hommées' Muscadet

One such gifted winemaker is Jérémie Huchet. At Domaine de la Chauvinière, Jérémie crafts some of the most exciting wines in France, let alone Muscadet. LES QUINZE HOMMÉES is one of a series of three wines made at the Domaine. Each of the wines is made on a different plot, and each has its own unique ‘terroir’ (soil type, growing environment etc). This was our favourite.

Uncertain which wines to choose for your festive gatherings? The wine industry's most prestigious critics have spoken...
Our favourite kind of low-effort, maximum satisfaction meal for when proper cooking feels like a bit too much. Credit: Ed Mifflin.
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Avoid the horrors of a pre-mixed mulled wine. Here are two methods from our Head of Wine Justin Howard-Sneyd that will guarantee you a decent drop.