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Biodynamic wines explained...a little bit


In a (biodynamic) nutshell - a farming philosophy that can be likened to organic on steroids, with a little mysticism thrown in.

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Telegraph votes Bee Pink one of five 'star buys' for this summer's rosés
Victoria Moore of the Telegraph included Bee Pink rosé, made by our Head of Wine, Justin Howard-Sneyd MW, in her top 20 picks of the summer. Marked as a 'star buy', calling it a 'delicious strawberry-scented rosé'. Yum. Available at The BIB Wine Company here or by the bottle at Domaine of the Bee here.
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BIB Wine goes to the Festival of Wine, Glasgow
The BIB Wine Co travelled to Scotland last weekend, for the Glasgow Festival of Wine. Organised by Wine Pages' Tom Cannavan it was rightly billed as a day long celebration of wine. Great crowd and great fun. We've now returned south of the border, but judging by the number of our boxes heading the other direction, our wines went down down well!


What is Biodynamic farming?
A concept started in the 1920's based on the ideas of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner - it is the oldest, anti-chemical agricultural movement, predating organic farming by about twenty years. 

Biodynamic language can have a tendancy to lean towards esoteric eco-babble, but in reality, the farmers are meticulous stewards of their lands, which they think of as a single, living organism. They have an ecological, ethical and spiritual approach that creates an entirely self sufficient ecosystem (think sheep and chicken wandering through the vineyard, nettle manure, misting the vines with lavender water, cow horns and harvesting according to the lunar calendar).

Some of which might sound a bit far fetched. Possibly, but then, the question is...

Do Biodynamic wines taste better?
Biodynamic wine is more than the wine world's answer to kefir, kimchi and quinoa. A growing number of winemakers are now producing their wine biodynamically, not only because they see it as environmentally responsible, but because they believe these methods make better wine. Wines made with as little human, chemical or technological intervention as possible, that let the land and the fruit speak for themselves. Compared to commercially produced wines, these wines have an added something that results from adding close to nothing at all!

These approaches are clearly resonating with customers and sales are on the up. And while some naysayers see holistic hoodoo, we see a traditional, sustainable approach to making great wines in a better way, that takes care, dedication and just a pinch of magic!
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