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2018, A Vintage Year?


Finally normal service has resumed. It's Summer in Britain and it's 14 degrees. It may not turn out to be the longest, hottest, driest Summer since '76 after all. There is one burning question that remains though - what does the recent weather mean for this year's vintage?

Well, whilst many European farmers are counting the costs of the unusually hot, dry summer - for winemakers (along with asparagus growers) there is increasing confidence that 2018 might, just might, be a good year. Firstly, on the whole yields look good - a relief after the record breakingly shite harvest many growers were faced with in 2017. And importantly, there is also a general sense of tentative optimism regarding quality. That said, nothing is certain until the wine is bagged (or bottled, for those yet to convert). We're keeping our fingers crossed and ears to the ground, and will let you know as soon as we taste the results.


Wine Car Boot, London - 18th August done, bring on the 29th September -The organisers of Wine Car Boot say they 'want more people to drink better wine, more of the time'. It seems they are going the right way about it. The last event was once again packed to the rafters. Wine Car Boot is innovative, modern, accessible and most of all fun. All things we think wine should be. They should feature in every wine lover's calendar. 

Boxing clever in Bath Life Magazine - With a co-founder living there and a large number of customers from Bath, it has become a bit of a spiritual home for the BIB Wine Company. So it was very nice to see our 'joyful boxes of wine' featured in the latest edition of Bath Life Magazine. You can read the full article here.

Tom's miniature schnauzer, Walter, becoming a bit of a celebrity at this summer's Wine Car Boots.


by Alexander @ The BIB Wine Company

Like many siblings, put us all in a room together and the inner children make an appearance and the tone of conversation rapidly descends towards the lower end of the sophistication scale - 'would you rather only have a nose or a mouth?', 'would you rather keep your hair or go grey?' (too late for a couple of us), all the usual stuff and normally much more obscene. Recently, the following question came up: 'if there were only one variety of grape in the world, what would it be, and why?'. We decided to write down our answers and share them here. What would you choose?

Oliver: 'Pretty difficult, but I'd probably have to go with something which reliably makes good 'varietal' wines. I think Pinot Noir hits this, and across the world makes wines that cover accessible and easy going, refreshing and fruity, and very serious, intense and complex. However, the main reason for choosing it is because it would allow me to have red wine and champagne (and the occasional white Pinot Noir).'
- Good one Oliver... so clever...

Rebecca: 'For me - Grenache - it’s got fruit, earth and spice. Can be elegant or funky. In the right hands it can be made with weight, richness, complexity and diversity. Mixes well with other grapes and can be red, white or pink.'
- I wouldn't want to accuse you of cheating, but are you trying to include Grenache Noir, Grenache Gris and Grenache Blanc?

Alexander: 'Only one grape variety? What a horrible thought. Has to be Syrah. I love the punch, dark fruit and spice. There's so much going on in good French or Aussie versions that I just wouldn't want to be without it. It is also pretty widely planted and we're going to need some volume in this grim, almost grape-free vision of the future. Plus, I like beef. Steak, stew, roast, however it comes, I've always found beef and Syrah to be good friends.'
- Well said that man. Wise.

Tom (in the form of four short text messages): 'Chardonnay' - 'it's nice sometimes' - 'versatility' - 'bit of fizz too'. 
- Great stuff, thanks for getting in the spirit of things Tom,

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