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Our wine philosophy

How we go about choosing the wines for our boxes


Quality and character

These are properly good wines, in a box.

With Master of Wine Justin Howard-Sneyd leading the charge, our range includes wines with gravitas, such as our Reverdy-Ducroux Sancerre which is produced with 14 generations of winemaking experience. We love discovering top notch wines from classic regions but also enjoy offering harder to find grape varieties and styles.

In putting together the range, we’ve tasted thousands of samples and are proud to have sourced a collection of wines that we ourselves love to drink at home.

But we’re not the only ones! Our wines have been called ‘game-changing’ and ‘truly superior’ by the UK's top wine experts. Indeed we’ve had the thumbs up time and time again from some of the industry’s best known critics.

Passion for sustainability

We carefully select winemakers who are producing exceptional wines, and who share our passion for sustainability and respect for the land.

This often means using low intervention and sustainable practices; farming without synthetic chemicals and pesticides, conserving water and promoting biodiversity.

Many of our wines are certified organic or produced biodynamically. Additionally, most of our wines are vegan; before buying you can always check a certain wine by using the ‘Ethical’ filter in our online shop.

These low intervention techniques show off the talents of our winemakers, whilst also allowing them to showcase the unique terroir of the vineyard.

Exceptional value

We’re proud to have sourced an exceptional range of wines, but at the same time honest and fair pricing remains firmly amongst our core values.

We allow customers to cut their personal carbon footprint by switching from glass bottles to boxed wines, without paying a premium in doing so.

The great news about buying in this format is that bulk packaging and shipping allows us to charge less than the best bottle equivalent prices.

Plus our margins are fair, and below industry average. We're proud to say that we pass the savings on to our customers.

And of course, given that boxed wine stays fresh for weeks once opened, you'll always be able to enjoy every delicious drop of your wine with no waste. So overall it's good news for your wallet and your lifestyle.

Find out more about what we do here.

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