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Love your Box

A little more about the box, and how get the the best from it


BIB = bag - in - box

Why do we love boxes so much? We love the way they fit around you. You can enjoy a single glass whenever you fancy, without the pressure of finishing a bottle, as boxed wine stays fresh for up to six weeks once opened. That said, they're great for dinner parties too. It's just wine on tap, when you want it.

Our 2.25L boxes contain the equivalent of three standard bottles in a compact design that fits neatly into your fridge.

Boxes don't need a lot of love, but here are a few handy tips just in case:

  • Boxes stay fresh from 4 and 6 weeks once opened. That said, if you drink almost all of it on day one, that last glass or two won’t last nearly that long.
  • Try decanting our wines. Young, bigger reds benefit from this especially, but so will some whites. You don’t need to do this though - we always think wine should work around you and the wine will open up in the glass anyway.
  • We buy wines that are ready to drink (no cellars required). We recommend opening our boxes within 3 months of purchase.
  • Store in a cool, dark place if possible. If you’re going away, sticking open boxes in the fridge can help keep the wine fresher for longer.
  • As you get towards the end of the box, try tilting it towards you as you pour.

From an environmental point of view, boxes really are best. This is what motivates us at BIB HQ day-today - find out more here.

Find out more about what we do here.

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