The BIB Wine Company: fine wine in a box

If you thought Bag-in-Box wine was reserved for mass-produced ranges, The BIB Wine Company is on hand to change that. Their joyful 2.25-litre boxes of wine mean you can drink just as much or as little as you like...and then go back in a few days' time for more.
Although The BIB Wine Company is currently an online shop, they already have a strong base in Bath, and their co-founder, Rebecca Roberts, is on the lookout for a physical site in Bath within the next year. "All our wines are from small and independent producers" she says. "With our head of wine, Justin Howard-Sneyd, leading the efforts, we have created a superb and varied range (there are 12 in total) of low-intervention and sustainable wines, all notable for their character and quality and packaged in environmentally-friendly and convenient boxes."
If you can resist them for long enough, open boxes of BIB wines can easily last over a month-handy for your lifestyle and your wallet. The boxes are efficient to transport and completely recyclable too. Red, white or rosé-it's all green.

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